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Kathleen Brockway

Born Deaf, this native ASL mentor hails from the D. C. metro area, Kat was raised in a signing family and put deaf education as her priority. She has attended multiple State Deaf Schools and graduated at MSSD. Currently, she is a graduate student at Goucher College majoring in Cultural Sustainability. Her specialty is Deaf Culture and History intertwined with a passion of deep research. As a Deaf author, she published "Baltimore's Deaf Heritage" (2014) and "Detroit's Deaf Heritage" (2016).
My Years of Experience Teaching
6-7 years
Fun Fact About Me
I love sharing authentic deaf history, especially the early years of deaf history! She also is a social media content creator on multiple accounts posting fun facts in deaf culture and history!
Other Languages I Know
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High School Subjects
  • History
  • Deaf Studies
  • Adult Education/College
  • Writing/Reading Skills
  • Art
  • Deaf History
  • Deaf Studies
  • ASL/Interpreting
  • Deaf Culture
  • ASL Linguistics - Basics
  • ASL Literature
  • Special Interest Tutoring Subjects
  • Research Skills
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