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Lori Siedman

I was born Deaf and American Sign Language is my primary language. I received my Bachelor of Social Work at Salem State College. I worked with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people for the nonprofit organizations on local and state levels. In over fifteen years of experience , I provided advocacy, skills training, peer counseling, and information/referrals, including teaching American Sign Language with the students and my employees.
My Years of Experience Teaching
Over 10 years
Fun Fact About Me
I love going to CrossFit regular for my workout. I am a dog lover. I am a good listener and interaction with people.
Other Languages I Know
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Family Subjects
  • Advocacy/IEP Process
  • Adult Education/College
  • Writing/Reading Skills
  • ASL/Interpreting
  • Deaf Culture
  • Job Coaching Subjects
  • Employment Coaching
  • Special Interest Tutoring Subjects
  • Photography
  • Apple Tutorials
  • Research Skills
  • Mental Health Subjects
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence
  • Trauma-Informed Approach
  • Healthy Relationships
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