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Wesley Singleton

A native Californian living in Texas, and I always reach the deep and immersion in Deaf & American Sign Language community. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Master of Arts in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. Always eager to give back to the community by involving and support the change to better for everybody!
My Years of Experience Teaching
6-7 years
Other Languages I Know
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Family Subjects
  • ASL Storytelling
  • Advocacy/IEP Process
  • Raising a Deaf child/children
  • General K-8 Grade Subjects
  • Social Sciences
  • High School Subjects
  • History
  • Adult Education/College
  • Deaf History
  • ASL/Interpreting
  • Deaf Culture
  • Job Coaching Subjects
  • Employment Coaching
  • Special Interest Tutoring Subjects
  • Video Editing Platforms
  • Technology/Digital Learning
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