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What is ASL Mentors?

We knew that finding Deaf people with a specific expertise to help you can be a tedious search. So we built an easier way to connect you with Deaf experts who tutors and mentors in American Sign Language. 

With our services, you will find a list of mentors with a variety of knowledge you can connect virtually. They can work with any of you ranging from Family, K-12, Higher Education, Interpreting/ASL and more!

ASL Mentors also creates employment opportunities for Deaf people to work as mentors.

Meet the Founder

Shanna Grossinger


Shanna Grossinger is the founder of ASL Mentors after having combined years of experience as a language arts teacher, an interpreter education specialist with Sorenson, and an instructional designer. She wants to create an opportunity for people to connect with each other through American Sign Language and to create jobs for Deaf people supporting any individuals. She loves to cook and travel, exploring different places and people.