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Kathleen Brockway

Born Deaf, this native ASL mentor hails from the D. C. metro area, Kat was raised in a signing family

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  • Conversational ASL
  • Research Skills
  • Deaf Studies
  • Milana Donatich

    Born in Ukraine and 2nd generation Deaf, I migrated to NYC with my family. I hold Bachelor degree in Sociology

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  • Gardening
  • Traveling
  • Crocheting
  • Stephanie Kay Vincent

    Bilingual; native ASL user with 3+ generations; retired educator after 30+ years. Enjoy working with people who wants change for

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  • Writing/Reading Skills
  • Employment Coaching
  • Deaf History
  • Marla Hatrak

    I am a native ASL speaker and from a four-generation ASL-Deaf family. My work experiences have had been rather versatile

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  • English
  • Writing/Reading Skills
  • Interpretation Skills
  • Catherine Stutzman

    Born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Became deaf at 7 years old, deaf generations on both sides. Before ADA was

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  • Children with Additional Disabilities
  • Advocacy/IEP Process
  • Raising a Deaf child/children
  • Blair Rasmus

    A deaf mother of two deaf kids, a native ASL user, a postpartum doula, a domestic violence/sexual abuse advocate, and

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  • Social Sciences
  • Writing/Reading Skills
  • Employment Coaching
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